Reasons to Invest in Corrugated Boxes for Packaging

Do you know that approximately 95% of all products are shipped in corrugated boxes in the USA? Corrugated boxes can be found everywhere, they are so common that they have become a choice of packaging material for a lot of brands and industries, mainly in the packaging industry.

Normally, one might ask: “Why are corrugated boxes so commonly used in packaging industries?”. Well, this is because corrugated boxes are low in cost, light in weight, and one of the most easily available packaging options available.

Without any delay, here are some of the reasons of why you should start investing in using corrugated boxes for packaging.



1. Corrugated Box Ensures Maximum Protection to Its Products


  • Corrugated boxes are generally stronger than regular cardboard boxes. 
  • They function as a durable and stable cushion for any product that they are carrying during shipping and handling. 
  • The corrugated cardboard size may differ, varying on its size and thickness. 
  • Corrugated cardboard is produced to prevent any form of moisture and bacteria from affecting the products within
  • This is very important for food products that have to withstand long shipping duration.



2. Corrugated Boxes are Light in Weight


  • If you happen to manufacture and/or transport heavy products to your clients from near and far, you probably would not want to increase the weight as it affects the shipping cost of your products with heavy packaging. 
  • This is where corrugated cardboard is beneficial because corrugated boxes are strong and lightweight. 
  • Being lightweight also enables them very handy for shoppers, especially if they aren’t charged extra for shipping payments without having to include the safety of their products.



3. Corrugated Boxes Can be Recycled and Reused 


  • Corrugated cardboard packaging is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. 
  • If needed to be reused in the future, corrugated boxes can also be folded up and packed away to be put aside.



4. Corrugated Boxes are Biodegradable


  • Corrugated cardboard is constructed from about 70% to 100% recycled material, making it one of the most eco-friendly green packaging materials available. 
  • Corrugated boxes can be easy recycle, repurpose and dispose of considering the fact that most corrugated manufacturers do not implement any bleaches or dyes.



5. Corrugated Boxes is Famous for its Flexibility


  • Corrugated boxes can be manufactured in a large variety of sizes 
  • Corrugated boxes can manufactured with single, double or even triple walled for more protection. 
  • Corrugated boxes can be used to pack various products, which makes corrugated boxes to be one of the most flexible packaging options in the packaging industries today.



6. Corrugated Boxes are Cost-Efficient and Sustainable


  • Corrugated carton boxes are some of the most affordable and economical packaging options available.
  • Corrugated boxes do not require high labor costs or any expensive tools to manufacture the boxes. 
  • Apart from that, corrugated cardboard can also be recycled and reused.



7. Corrugated Boxes are Easy to Personalized


  • Corrugated boxes can be easily customized.
  • One can have their corrugated box manufacturers design and customize your boxes based on your personal business requirements
  • As a bonus, by customizing your corrugated boxes, it also enables you to further promote and market your brand to your potential clients.



8. Corrugated Boxes are Great for Promoting Your Brand


  • Corrugated packaging materials can be customized to help you promote your company’s branding and raise brand awareness. 
  • Custom branding is a great way to impress your customers because it looks more professional and it shows that you are serious about your business brand. 
  • In addition, you can also choose to give your boxes a customized touch which is bound to gain the loyalty of your customers and also gain the interest of new potential clients.


To conclude, corrugated boxes have a number of advantages as well as it is friendly for the environment as it is made of recyclable materials. Hence, perhaps it is time for you to consider investing in using corrugated boxes in packaging purposes.